Thursday, January 1, 2009

day one

As the first day in the new year, it calls for a new chapter... starting a blog. I'll be posting new work, updates on the website, sketches and everything in between.

Top 3 Artists that have inspired me this past year:

Nate Wragg
I've been really inspired by an artist over at Pixar by the name of Nate Wragg. Has a good eye for composition, vibrant choice of colors, and always has a great theme/concept to all of his illustrations. If you're looking for an awesome and fun-loving piece of art, check out his work and order yourself a print at Gallery Nucleus.

Christopher Hewitt
AKA, Dstrukt. Killer motion graphics artist. Has a cool style to his look, great timing on all of his reels, and understands typography. What I love about all of his pieces is that he does a good job in having diversity in his work. This motion director is self taught and has been breaking boundaries since he's stepped into the world of motion.

Tyson Ibele
This 21 year old can animate anything that comes his way. He has experimented with different styles and nailed every one of them. Great sense of humor, can be dark at times, but none the less can tell a story in a matter of seconds. I am eager to see when he posts new work and have been inspired by him because of his skill/talent in animation. Once again, hands down to this young self taught animator.

I'll keep a look out for these three and they will for sure keep me inspired over the years. Until next time, check out my online portfolio: