Monday, March 23, 2009

Colour Revolt Design

After watching the documentary on Helvetica, I wanted to use it for a personal project, and it fit perfect for this T-shirt design. Colour Revolt is a band I have been listening to for the past year or two and have been amazed by their sound.

Explanation of visuals : The small text is the lyrics to the song "Circus." The illustration as a whole is an abstract circus tent. The balloon's are a symbol of a person slowly getting beat down by whatever is hitting their walk in life. And at the end of the trail, the black balloon grabs (u)because he or she has been rescued from their circ(u)s. Whether it be a friend, colleague, co-worker or a family member, we all need to be there and help each other when in these moments of chaos.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Panton Chair

This past week, I went to a lecture where Rolf Fehlbaum spoke and gave some insight on Vitra and the history of their work. I have modeled one of their chairs in 3dsmax and had no idea how much thought went into the design. After the lecture I was inspired to design a piece in honor of such an achievement, the Panton chair.

Also, another great person that has inspired me to do this black and white design is Maxim Zhestkov. His portfolio consists of black and white illustrations/renderings. I'm excited to see where his career and talent take him.


Recently I've been wanting to experiment with type in some way or fashion, and was just looking through Stefan Sagmeister's most recent book, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far. One of the coolest collections of typography that I have ever seen. So this latest posting is inspired by his work and reminding that I myself need to get back into recycling :) Enjoy!