Sunday, July 12, 2009

Conditioned Response Illustration

This illustration was driven by the theme "conditioned response." I'm always inspired by the Bible and the icons it can create; for instance, the Seven Deadly Sins. Combining the two together created this illustration.

To show conditioned response, I thought of the little kids (monsters) hearing the well known ice cream truck song from down the street with the excitement of wondering which ice cream to get. In the bushes, the devil is playing the song drawing the seven deadly sins closer to him. Seeing that this illustration would be about seven deadly sins, or monsters :) I thought it would be a fun twist to make it a playful one.

Personalizing each character to their name, here's the explanation:

Sloth (bottom left) - too lazy to think which ice cream to get (...?)
Greed (top left) - already has an ice cream in mind, reaching over to pick another
Gluttony (orange) - has more than one favorite ice cream
Envy (bottom green) - jealous that the character in front of him is going first
Wrath (red) - has an edgy feel to him; more spikes and crooked teeth
Pride (purple) - standing tall, fist down, big chin
Lust (blue) - tongue sticking out with a big stare, his ice cream of choice: banana split symbolizing the thoughts on his mind (cherry/woman, banana/man)

And to add the final touch, the bottom right hand corner is the song title : "Ice Cream Truck them song" conducted by the Temptations :) Hope you enjoy it!

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