Monday, August 30, 2010

Shirts ordered! Pre-Order before they come in!

Well! They'have been ordered and ready for Pre-Order! Head on over to the online store and reserve your shirt today! Take care and hope all is well! New shirts to be printed in the future as well, based on demand :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buildings & Vampires

Coworker showed me this little gem. What I love about it is that I was able to look at it and think "Man... just when you think there is no such thing as an original idea... someone does it." Love the simplicity of it, enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New designs for possible printing soon...

Got some new designs for the next round of shirts I'll be printing. Be sure to check them out! I've got some voting going on at Facebook. These words were a line that spoke to me from the latest Switchfoot album. Definitely an inspiring moment. Enjoy and stay tuned for the shirt to be in the online store within the next month or so!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DFW Airport | For You

Also wanted to post about this project we worked on, even though it's a few months old.

But this project was special in a sense that all of the food, rocks, smoothies, everything was shot in a stop motion style. We shot all of the products on an acrylic set; rotating them and capturing different angles that way we could composite them in After Effects and animate them wherever we needed to.

Ton of work, but a ton of fun :) Hope you guys enjoy this and see it if you are ever in the DFW Airport!

Autolite Canadian Tire

Just finished working on this project here at Radium. Was definitely a great way to get familiar a little more with Cinema 4D. Style frames were a lot of fun to work on as well. A loose but fun style to animate.

The whole spot was animated in Cinema 4D and then some black and white base renders where composited into After Effects. Once animation was laid out, the team and I painted frame by frame in Photoshop to bring it to life. Hope you enjoy the spot as much as we did here at Radium! Be sure to check out the style frames over on my website.